In June of 2018 we hosted a social for the blind in Moscow where we met Anna and Sergey. They are a wonderful couple who applied for technology assistance. During our March 2019 trip to Helsinki we delivered two iPhones and a laptop computer to them. When we last communicated, Anna and Sergey said they use our gifts everyday and can’t imagine life without them. They sent us this letter that we wanted to share with you. Because you, our donors, made this precious gift possible. Thank you for helping us change lives.

Dear Laurel!

It is hard to describe in words the emotions which we feel these last days. It is something like we have been in a fairy tale. It can also be compared to a feeling of a child on Christmas. We had a dream and we told you about it in our application. And you, like a kind Santa Claus made this dream come true. It is wonderful that there is such a foundation which can help people at hard moments of life. Thank you very much dear Laurel that you are doing such noble things. We think that only a person who loves people very much, who can be compassionate towards them, and who is ready to come and help them any minute, can work wonders in real life.

Tremendous heart thank you!

Anna and Sergey.