In June of 2018, the Laurel Wheeler Foundation spent a few days in St. Petersburg, Russia. We delivered canes to 3 blind young men. Here are 2 videos from our time in St. Petersburg. In the first video, we introduce you to our awesome young recipients. In the second video, we wanted to show you some of the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. What an amazing place!

Note: For our blind and visually impaired followers. There are subtitles that appear in English throughout the first video. The only instances when the on screen text does not match up with what you hear is when people are speaking in Russian. During those times, the on screen text includes English translations of the spoken Russian. Please continue to scroll in order to read the English translations of the spoken Russian.

Vladislav: I am Vladislav, so I lost my site when I was 7. I started losing my hearing at 5 and almost lost it last year. I finished boarding school at Konstantin Grot school and I now practice theater. I plan to become a student of the special education department at the Harrison Institute. I want to become a psychologist or braille transcriptionist to help deaf and blind people like me I suppose.

Nikolai: My name is Nikolai, I am blind and partially deaf. I graduated from K Grot school. I participate in theater. I play the instrument bayan. I started navigating the city independently at the age of 16. I love to travel. I have faithful friends who are dear to me.